It’s Time For You To Feel & Look
Like A Super Hero

Through the Lady Warrior Core

The intensive program that will strengthen your core, get you lean & strong while boosting your confidence to live a fit & fab lifestyle!

If you’re ready to shake up your workout routines, stretch your limits, & condition yourself for higher performance without bulking up, this program is for you!


You are here on this planet with one mind and one body to become a true warrior.

But right now you're playing way too small and you know it.

You've got dreams the size of 100 lb dumbbells, but you've buried them inside your sports bras, while you soothe yourself with the comfortable lie of "maybe tomorrow."

Meanwhile, you settle, going through the motions of another day and the mindset of "I will start tomorrow."

You know your soul's purpose is NOT to keep hiding behind your struggles of someday, but you've got some serious self-doubt, imposter syndrome, holding you back from unleashing the warrior inside you. And frankly, it has you spun out, wondering where to start, and asking yourself if you even have what it takes to become that version of yourself you dream of.

You’re ready, hands down 100% ready to stretch your mental and physical limits and burst into your
most fit & powerful self.

Feeling confident about your body doesn't have to just be a dream!

Feeling at home with your body doesn’t require hours in the gym or starving yourself on the latest fad diets.

It is actually simpler than that.

That’s why we put together this intensive training for warriors just like you because we understand that you only need a fitness coach and an effective workout program that can strengthen your body and mind while at the same time, taking away all those self-doubts and hopes of starting tomorrow.

I know you’re just missing the knowledge, trusted guidance, and intimate instruction of how to get you to where you want to be, what you dream of becoming, and how to un-tap the inner warrior potential you know is buried within.

And that’s exactly what I’ve been through…

In case you don’t know me yet,

I’m Shannon Johanson

It's my life's mission to support women exactly like you! To help you rise into your full strength and potential and see anything is possible at any age. I have been working out for 15+ years.

I have trained for triathlons, figure competitions, half marathons, and had a baby in my 40's.

I have seen my body transform through the years and know what it is like to struggle with emotions inside that cause us to doubt our potential and who we are and question ourselves as a wife and mother.

I want to help you use health and fitness as the strengthening tool to navigate through life when it throws a curve ball or two because my life has not been exempt from them.
This is when I truly turned to fitness as my outlet, my normal if you will. The way I was able to control what was happening to me on the inside and out.

It gave me strength and power to know I will be ok, well better than ok, that I would thrive and live my life on my terms and find happiness again.

It took many years and leaving my family to move to another state to find happiness again, but through fitness, I was able to be bold, stand strong, and now be the wife and mom I truly need to be.

And after years of being in the fitness industry and working with thousands of women, I've discovered exactly the right combination of core workouts and nutrition to get REAL & LONG LASTING RESULTS!
Let me introduce you to this game-changing program…
Inside this intensive program, you'll discover how just spending a few minutes a day doing the right types of strength workouts and making just a few progress, small changes to your diet plan can not only jumpstart the results you're looking for but even fast-track them too!
This program is designed for warriors who are looking to shake up their workout routines, increase exercise performance, stretch both their physical and mental limits, strengthen their muscles, and condition themselves for higher performance without bulking up.


This program is composed of our three signature workout programs designed to achieve three (3) major goals in your fitness journey.

In this intensive workout program bundle you will receive:

  • The Lady Warrior Shred
  • The Lady Warrior Ripped
  • The Lady Warrior Cut

Check out below to see what you’ll exactly get from each of the major signature programs when you sign up to The Lady Warrior Core

An 8-week Transformation Program for Women That Focuses on Strengthening & Conditioning Your Muscles

The Warrior Shred Program focuses on strengthening and building muscle (ladies that doesn’t mean you will bulk up). It consists of lower reps and heavier weights to really push and challenge yourself.

You will lift heavy 4 days a week and have 3 days of active rest (cardio only). Start building muscle to burn fat and sculpt that body into what you have always imagined, all you have to do is start.


  • Warrior Shred Digital Membership Masterclass ($999 Value)
  • Step By Step Guides On Each Workout For All 8 Weeks
  • Daily Videos On How To Perform Each Exercise Correctly
  • ​Access to Shannon For Any & All Questions
  • ​Instructional Images That Remind & Teach You Each Lift
  • ​Daily Videos Of Shannon Doing Each Lift So You Know You'r Doing Your Lift RIGHT!

A 10 Week Workout Program for Women That Will Help You Get Ripped & Burn More Fat

The Warrior Ripped Program will change your world. It will help build lean muscle, burn fat and calories and work for each muscle group hard each week.

You will be put through pyramid set, supersets, giant sets and keeps you active 7 days a week, there is know resting. You will push, pull, jump, punch, and sweat your way to the best shape of your life. So if you are looking to get Warrior Fit, then get started today!


  • Warrior Ripped Digital Membership Masterclass ($999 Value)
  • Step By Step Guides On Each Workout For All 10 Weeks
  • Daily Videos On How To Perform Each Exercise Correctly
  • ​Access to Shannon For Any & All Questions
  • ​Instructional Images That Remind & Teach You Each Lift
  • ​Daily Videos Of Shannon Doing Each Lift So You Know You'r Doing Your Lift RIGHT!

A 7 week turbo-charged workout program designed to help women like you radically redefine and reshape your body, your mind, your potential, and your power.

For warriors who are hands down 100% ready to stretch their mental and physical limits and burst into their most fit & powerful self.

A 7-week fitness program that will strengthen your mind and body giving you the power to stand up tall on the inside and get you into the best shape of your life.


  • 49 Days of Individual Workouts ($999 Value)
  • 35 Instructional Videos For Each Workout
  • Warrior Cut Nutritional Plan
  • ​Exercise Video Library
  • ​The Lady Warrior Way eBook
  • ​Lady Warrior Fitness Tracker



Not even a half of its price!


"I've probably the strongest that I have ever been, I can say now that working out and lifting weights is my hobby because it's so much fun doing it and I look forward to continuing the workout till the upcoming years"


"I am a big fan of Shannon's work out program, all of them are spectacular and I've done several of them, Highly recommended to anyone who really wanted to get back into shape"


"I feel more good about myself, I have much more energy and I really think you should try her program and enjoy your fitness journey and she is always there to guide you on your way"


"I recommended it to many fit friends and family members who also kinda jump on the bandwagon with me, We all love it and I encourage you to check it out as well"


I really want to thank you for sharing your workouts and for being so passionate about fitness. I am currently on day 2 of the Warrior Shred Program, and I feel pretty good. I wanted to adds trength training to avoid imbalances and make myself a better long distance runner. I’ve always shied away from the weight room because I don’t know what I’m doing and I’m self-conscious around everyone else who seems to be throwing around heavy weights. But yesterday, I got brave and went on in, and I plan to repeat each week twice so I really learn how to do everything correctly. Next week I’ll try heavier weights and redo this week. Thank you for being so inspirational and so willing to share your workouts! I look forward to positive changes that will happen to my stamina and self-confidence. 
- Sabrina
Shannon, I just wanted to express sincere thanks for your workouts and motivational messages! I started with your 6-week summertime slim down and am now following your Warrior Shred Program. You have really helped to build my confidence in the gym! I am seeing results, now if only I could
forgo my love of peanut butter…
Loving this program!! Already seeing progress and change! :)
- Tami
Shannon, brilliant program. Just finished the whole challenge and moving on to your 8 week program. So nice to go to the gym with a plan everyday. Love the structure and variety, along with the video of the day. (Great to check proper technique before I hit the gym).

In the past I’ve slacked of a bit with regards to the gym, using my shift work job as an excuse, your program motivated and challenged me so much that I never missed a day, even when I was working night shift. As big Thanks all the way from Oz. Looking forward to the next challenge.
Day 2 and I can’t lift my arms, and I love it! I’ve never had upper body strength, but I can tell that’s all going to change! Thank you for this workout routine! You’re a rock star!
- Ash
Thank you so much for all the work you have put into these workout programs!! I am on day 24 of the 10 weeks to fit. I am already showing so much improvement. I didn’t have to hire a personal trainer because your videos and pictures are just awesome! Thanks so much!! You have changed my life!!
- Arron
I love this! It’s so convenient to be able to walk into the gym KNOWING what needs to be done, and get it done. Thank you so much for taking the time to develop these workouts, they rock!!
- Marisa
You girl are the bomb! Tomorrow is my last day of the 5 weeks to get fit! I loved this challenge. I never missed a day. Even when my car broke down I rode my bike 4 miles to the gym and back. I’ve lost 15 pounds.
Love all your exercises! Perfect to build muscle. Thanks for sharing!
- Marci
Love all your exercises! Perfect to build muscle. Thanks for sharing!
- Samantha
Thanks for posting all your workouts. I can’t imagine it’s an easy and quick task. I always had someone to workout with (who also created the workout for that day), until recently. I discovered this site and it has changed my life!
- Melissa
WOW! I spent a week trying to get myself into the gym to start The New Year off right, and just couldn’t do it. I have found every excuse to not go. But your advice to just go in there and not worry what anyone thinks; to do this for myself was the simplest, perfect advice for me. I was up at 4, and in the gym by 4:15. I did every machine- even if sweaty dudes were nearby every set and every rep. I feel amazing!!!!
- Amy
My god sister and me have been this workout for the last two weeks and it has been a blast. Loving the results we are seeing. Thank you so much Shannon for sharing your workouts with us! Best wishes!
- Vonda
Hey Shannon I just want to say this is the first time I have stuck to a diet for more then a week and going to the gym religiously! I love the workouts I finished day 5 today on the 5 weeks to get fit and am looking forward to legs tomorrow! I have no upper body strength but have come a long way since day one, I even got a compliment today from another gym goer that said she had been watching me and I’m doing good! That added a boost to my feelings!
- Natasha
Hello, i’m French living in France. Thanks for your blog. I’m trying this new plan and my legs hurt, my triceps and chest hurt too. And i like it, I want to be a Boss LOL Sorry for my language, I don’t speak very well USA. Good job, tomorrow, for me its’ day 4
- Bye, Alexandra
Thank you for the awesome program!
You are a very motivating lady
- Natalie

How does this sound?

  • Imagine burning pounds of stubborn fat and having a ripped body than ever before allowing you to be more confident inside and out.
  • Increased energy that allows you to be more productive in your daily lives while living a balanced, fit, and fab lifestyle with your family.
  • Reaping all the benefits of having a strong & fit body both in physical & mental aspects.
If you click below and join The Lady Warrior Core for only $297, you’re never gonna have to wonder whether you should have done MORE or something DIFFERENT to grow on your fitness journey.


Because in this bundle, you will get LIFETIME ACCESS and I’m giving you the BEST signature fitness workout programs I have, at a $1495+ discount, so you have absolutely EVERYTHING you need to be set up for a healthy, fit & fab life.
With The Warrior Shred, The Warrior Cut, and The Warrior Ripped in your back pocket, you will NEVER have to worry about making positive changes with your body again.

Here’s a recap of what you’re going to get:

The Lady Warrior Shred (Full Workout Program)

($297 Value)

The Lady Warrior Ripped (Full Workout Program)

($297 Value)

The Lady Warrior Cut (Full Workout Program)

($297 Value)



Not even a half of its price!

Ready to unleash the warrior in you?

Ready to unleash the warrior in you?

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Please contact a physician to ensure physical activity is right for you.