Are you waiting for the perfect moment to boldly shift into the strongest, leanest, & unstoppable version of yourself? 

consider this the push you need!

The Warrior Cut is a 7 week turbo-charged workout program designed to help women like you radically redefine and reshape your body, your mind, your potential, and your power.
You are here on this planet with one mind and one body to become a true warrior. 

But right now you're playing way too small and you know it. 

You've got dreams the size of 100 lb dumbbells, but you've buried them inside your sports bras, while you soothe yourself with the comfortable lie of "maybe tomorrow."

Meanwhile, you settle, going through the motions of another day and the mindset of "I will start tomorrow."

You know your soul's purpose is NOT to keep hiding behind your struggles of someday, but you've got some serious self-doubt, imposter syndrome, holding you back from unleashing the warrior inside you. 

And frankly, it has you spun out, wondering where to start, and asking yourself if you even have what it takes to become that version of yourself you dream of.

You  are  ready,  hands  down  100%  ready  to  stretch  your  mental  and  physical  limits  and  burst  into your  most  fit  & powerful  self.

What if there was a fitness coach and a workout program that can take away all those self doubts and hopes of starting tomorrow?

You're just missing the knowledge, trusted guidance, and intimate instruction of how to get you to where you want to be, what you dream of becoming, and how to un-tap the inner warrior potential you know is buried within.
A 7 week fitness program that will strengthen your mind and body giving you the power to stand up tall on the inside and get you into the best shape of your life. 

The  Warrior  Cut  is  a  fitness  program  unlike

any other you've seen on the internet.

you will receive:

49 Days of Individual Workouts
You will receive 49 days of individual workouts with corresponding videos to demonstrate how every exercise is performed for that day.
(valued at $3400)
35 Instructional Videos For Each Workout
You will receive 35 instructional videos to demonstrate you step by step how every exercise is performed for that specific workout.
(valued at $1900)
Warrior Cut Nutritional Plan
To help maximize your health and fitness goals to receive the best results possible
(valued at $150)
Lifetime access to the Warrior Cut Program. You can refer back to it every now and then forever!
(priceless value!)
Exercise Video Library
You will have access to the workout video library to make sure you are doing all the exercises properly. 
(priceless value!)
The Lady Warrior Way eBook
You will also get a FREE copy of my Ebook, " The Lady Warrior Way."
Lady Warrior Fitness Tracker
A free copy of the fitness tracker, to keep you on target and accountable for all your workouts each day.
(valued at $100)
Three (3) 30 Minute Private Coaching Call
You will have access to set up 3, Free 30 minute coaching calls with me personally to go over any questions, struggles, concerns, or just in need of one on one motivation.
(valued at $225)
Access To Private Facebook Group
You will have private access to the Facebook group to ask questions, post before and after photos and make new friends. 
(priceless value!)






It's my life's mission to support women exactly like you! To help you rise into your full strength and potential and see anything is possible at any age. I have been working out for 15+ years. I have trained for triathlons, figure competitions, half marathons, and had a baby in my 40's. 

I have seen my body transform through the years and know what it is like to struggle with emotions inside that cause us to doubt our potential and who we are and question ourselves as a wife and mother.
I want to help you use health and fitness as the strengthening tool to navigate through life when it throws a curve ball or two because my life has not been exempt from them. 

I got married in my 30's, divorced, and found myself living alone by age 33 while everyone around me was having kids and enjoying life. I was bullied by my peers and felt empty on the inside.

This is when I truly turned to fitness as my outlet, my normal if you will. The way I was able to control what was happening to me on the inside and out.

It gave me strength and power to know I will be ok, well better than ok, that I would thrive and live my life on my terms and find happiness again.

It took many years and leaving my family to move to another state to find happiness again, but through fitness, I was able to be bold, stand strong, and now be the wife and mom I truly need to be. 
When you feel strong on the inside the world can't knock you down from the outside.
Lady Warriors!
"I've probably the strongest that I have ever been, I can say now that working out and lifting weights is my hobby because it's so much fun doing it and I look forward to continuing the workout till the upcoming years"
"I am a big fan of Shannon's work out program, all of them are spectacular and I've done several of them, Highly recommended to anyone who really wanted to get back into shape"
"I feel more good about myself, I have much more energy and I really think you should try her program and enjoy your fitness journey and she is always there to guide you on your way"
"Shannon is super accomodating and if you really need to get a hold of her just email her and she will help you out with anything that you need"
"I recommended it to many fit friends and family members who also kinda jump on the bandwagon with me, We all love it and I encourage you to check it out as well"
If you are a woman that has or is going through transition in life, divorce, disease, abuse, self doubt and loss of self worth.
If you have struggled with losing weight and having a healthy relationship with your nutrition.
If you have have tried too many workouts to count and still don't know what to do or where to begin.
If you are looking to make a difference in your life and feel strong and confident again in your own skin. 
If you have been on the roller coaster of diet and weight loss. 
If you need the daily motivation and the comfort of knowing you have your workouts laid out for you everyday. 
If you are ready to be the badass you have wanted to become and not let anything stop you.
If you are ready to be committed, dedicated, and consistent to see the changes you are desperately trying to achieve.
You want more confidence, a strong sense of self worth, and a legacy that makes you proud?
You must believe you can do it. 

You want to feel stronger mentally and physically?
You must do the work to clear the blocks you have barricading your mind and body from the "I can't" or "maybe tomorrow" mentality holding you down. 

Are you craving days packed with energy, purpose, and a life that mirrors the goals you have seen for yourself for years?
There is only one way, you HAVE to start TODAY!
The Lady Warrior Cut is the catalyst you need in your life now if you are ready to ditch the excuses, level up, and connect with the woman deep inside you. 

The Lady Warrior Cut gives you access to me, a fitness coach and expert, taking you through your daily workouts without paying the daily price of a personal trainer.


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